What I Do For You voice over recording

Let Me Do The Heavy Lifting

You're a Voice Over Talent or Producer and now need to work from home. You also need an Audio Engineer and/or an Editor. 

That’s where I come in.  With over 20 years experience, let me be Your Personal Audio Engineer.  

That way, voice actors can focus on their craft, directors can direct, and I can do all the heavy technical lifting.

I connect to the VO talent's  home studio via Source Connect, or ISDN/iPDTL and patch in clients, producers, directors via Skype, Phone, or Zoom.

I'll run the session;  record, edit, playback, provide timings, anything you need.

It’s all seamless, voice over recording and sound production!

Industry Veteran

Known in the Voice Over Industry for over 2 decades, Kevin Cleland is "Your Personal Audio Engineer".   Founder and owner of Burbank based Mai Tai Studios for 17 years, Kevin has worked with hundreds of clients including:  Fisher Price, Sharp Healthcare, Dow Agro Sciences, RainBird, Nickelodeon, Disney, Cartoon Network, Audio Books...You Name It, I've Recorded It.

Lets All Do Our Part

In these times of Social Distancing, lets all connect together virtually and do our part.  You still need an Audio Engineer to get that sound as best as possible more than ever.  Let me be your solution to providing top quality Voice Over audio from your home recording environment.  With numerous plug-ins and experience, I can make any home setup sound it's best.

Or, maybe you're part of the creative group that needs to get their talent recorded and put to picture for that commercial or presentation?

No problem, I'll take care of you!


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